Deer Suede - Cloth Doll Making Fabric

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60" Wide - 100% Polyester

Crosswise Stretch – 5%  ~  Lengthwise Stretch – 5%

Deer Suede (aka Buck Suede)is the ideal fabric for many doll making patterns and projects. It is a very durable fabric, easy to handle, easy to stuff and is machine washable. You may also choose between the smooth side or the softer suede side for your doll skin. Deer Suede is recommended by many doll designers as a good doll skin fabric for their patterns. Note: If your pattern calls for Guilford Mills Doe Suede (no longer available), Deer Suede is a suitable replacement.

Available in White, Calf Skin and Doll Face Pink Colors. Chamois is currently out of stock.

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