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Proportional Scale For Resizing Patterns and Sizing Accessories

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5" Proportional Scale For Resizing Patterns and Sizing Accessories

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What every dollmaker needs when resizing patterns or sizing accessories.

How To Use A Proportional Scale Wheel To Resize Patterns:

This round slide ruler, used by engineers, architects, artists, publishers, and other professionals who need to create accurate enlargements and reductions, consists of two wheels held together in the middle by an open rivet. The inner wheel is labeled "size of original" and it has a window which says "percentage of original size" and "number of times of reduction". The outer wheel is labeled "reproduction size". To use the wheel take the size of the existing pattern (e.g. 12" doll) and find that measurement on the inner wheel. Line up that number with the size the finished pattern needs to be (e.g. 18" doll). In the window labeled "percentage of original size" it says you need to enlarge the pattern by 150%. Go to your copy machine, set it to 150% enlargement, and copy the original pattern. To reduce a pattern (e.g. 12" doll to 10" doll), line up 12" on inner wheel with 10" on outer wheel, and you need to reduce pattern 83%. When using this method be sure to only enlarge or reduce the template which is made by tracing the sewing lines of the pattern - do not include the seam allowance. As you reduce or enlarge a pattern the seam allowance changes, and what started out as ¼" seam may end up being a lot larger or smaller. Add seam allowances (if needed) after copying the pattern.

How To Making Doll Accessories To Scale:

You can use a Proportional Scale to determine the size an accessory needs to be to be in scale with the doll. On the inner wheel find the number 65. This is the height of an average female (5'5"). If you are making a male use 70" (5'10"). On the outer wheel find the size of the doll you wish to make, for example 16". Place the 65 and 16 together and don't move anything. To determine what size an accessory should be measure the life-sized object, find that measurement on the inner wheel, and the outer wheel will tell you how big it needs to be to fit the doll you are making. In the example above, an umbrella measures 36", the 16" doll needs one about 8-1/2" long. A wooden spoon measures 12", the 16" doll needs one a little less than 3" long. This way you can be sure all accessories are to scale.

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