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Dritz Seam Ripper and Threader

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  • Dritz Seam Ripper / Threader  - Two "Must Have" Dollmaker Tools in One!
  • Dritz Seam Ripper / Threader
  • Seam Ripper / Threader
  • Dritz Seam Ripper / Threader    "Must Have" Dollmaker Tools
  • Dritz Seam Ripper and Threader
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Dritz Seam Ripper / Threader  

Two "Must Have" Dollmaker Tools in One! 

This handy 2-in-1 Dritz Quilting Seam Ripper with Threader is a must-have in every quilter's sewing kit. Featuring a hardened steel blade that retains its sharpness, this seam ripper and threader lets you easily and conveniently pull apart seams without damaging your fabrics. Designed with a needle threader on the other end allows you to quickly and accurately thread needles so you can continue your work uninterrupted.

Usage Instructions:


Lift threads with point and cut with blade.
Point can also be used to remove threads.


Insert point between stitches.
Slide blade to cut fabric.
Insert pin at end of buttonhole to prevent cutting through end stitches.


Pinch point of wire for easier insertion into eye of needle.
Insert wire loop into eye of needle.
Place thread into wire loop, pull threader out of needle.

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