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Ruby, Cloth Doll Pattern (Printed and Mailed) by Arlene Cano

Paper Pattern



Ruby is the first in the series of aerialists.  She is 12 inches tall and made from cotton broadcloth for her body and cotton knit for her head.  

It will be necesssary for you to dye the fabrics if you want them perfectly matched, (very easy washing machine dying instructions are included).

Her face is needle sculpted and painted, her hair is mohair and she is button jointed.  Her costume is made from knit back lame (the type that is sold for gymnastic and skating costumes) and her slippers are painted on her feet. 

The pattern packet contains pattern for the entire doll seen in this picture and well explained, well illustrated, step by step instructions.  

Original Design by Arlene Cano!

Quality printed Cloth Doll Pattern which we will mail to you.

Also available in E-PATTERN/DOWNLOAD  Format - Click HERE to Order E-Pattern.

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