Ratty with Hottie - Cloth Doll Pattern by Jill Maas

Paper Pattern


Ratty stands about 12" (30 cm) tall. Fun to make and a great gift for that someone!

An Original Design by Jill Maas!

A Printed Doll Pattern Mailed to You.

Ratty's Story:

Ratty was born in the Wairarapa quite a while ago, he has many siblings and has succeeded in creating over a hundred children,

Many of which have lived with a lot of discrimination and misunderstanding from the human race.

Luckily Ratty was adopted by a kind philanthropist in his old age and now spends his time painting, eating peanut butter sandwiches and dancing like Fred Astaire.

Ratty's favourite time of day is going to bed, he has his own wallpapered and soft fabric lined cardboard box at the foot of his benefactors bed.

Ratty has a secret past life that occasionally gives him nightmares.

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