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Preemie Baby Doll and Optional Clothing Pattern - Sewing Paper Mailed Pattern by Sandy Eding

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  • Preemie Baby Doll  Pattern - Sewing Pattern by Sandy Eding
  • 24 Week Preemie Baby Doll Pattern - Sewing Pattern by Sandy Eding
  • Preemie Baby Doll Pattern
  • Preemie Baby Doll Optional Clothing Pattern
  • Preemie Baby Cloth Doll Pattern - Handmade
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Preemie Doll Pattern - By Sandy Eding
(Based on Judi Ward's 0-3 Month Size "Newborn Alice" Pattern)

Preemie babies are very skinny, with out the fat cheeks, fat rolls, and wrinkles of full-terms. Most dolls and patterns advertised as "preemie" are actually just small full-terms which can be very inaccurate. The Preemie Doll Pattern have been developed to be realistic as possible and increase understanding of premature babies.

The Preemie Doll Pattern includes instructions for making 13 through 40 week gestation baby dolls.

*** Pattern Includes Color Photos on the Front and Back Covers! ***

About the Doll Designer:

Sandy Eding is the mother of an extremely premature baby (25 weeks), who developed this pattern out of a passion to show just how tiny and beautiful preemies really are. Frustrated by the fatness of regular dolls and the inaccuracy of most "preemie dolls," she set out to create dolls that would be true to life, depicting preemies as realistically as possible.

Add Clothing Pattern to Order - 15% Off Both Patterns.

Preemie Doll Clothing Pattern By Sandy Eding

Includes instructions and patterns for making
Shirt, Dress, Gown, Sleeper and Hat

Instructions for sizing pattern for 17 to 40 weeks gestation.

*** Pattern Includes Color Photos! ***

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