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Milo and Rocky by Kezi

Paper Pattern
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Milo and Rocky   - 18" Doll with 12 " Rocking Horse Patterns (Includes Iron-on Fine-Line Face Transfer.)

 One of the Classics of the Oregon RagBabies family. 

Quality printed Cloth Doll Pattern which we will mail to you.

Milo and Rocky  by Kezi

Lovable "Milo and Rocky" pattern is one of the classics belonging to The Oregon RagBabies(TM) family of soft dolls created by Kezi Matthews in 1990. "Milo" and the other 5 members of the RagBabies(TM) family are named after picturesque small towns and hamlets in the beautiful State of Oregon.   

Milo is another steal-your-heart-away doll, designed for muslin/broadcloth but will also make a beautiful doll in knit. This is a classic pattern you'll be using for years to come! The pattern comes w/1 iron-on fine-line face transfers, complete costume and Milo's friend Rocky pattern.

The instructions are well-illustrated, easy-to-follow and including Kezi's quick-as-a-wink colored pencils and pens technique for gorgeous face-finishing. Get ready to fall in love with this cute young man and his rocking horse.

This is a special printing of the original patterns with includes a color photos on the front and back covers. The front cover features a proud "Milo" and his friend "Rocky ". The back cover features another picture of "Milo and Rocky" with Milo dressed in a beautifully color coordinated outfit.

Additional Face Transfers Available -> Click HERE!

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