Marie Antoinette Bust - Cloth Doll Pattern by Sharon Mitchell

Paper Pattern


Depicted here as Marie Antoinette, this bust can be anyone! The bust figure is approximately 7 inches (18 cm) high. The hair and the stand make it taller.

Learn how to make Big Hair, needle felting, different eyes, needle-sculpt a face and part of a torso, make a plinth and a sailing ship.

All this in one 31-page pattern, full of systematic photographs and drawings, with two, easy to follow needlesculpting sequence diagrams, that show how to needle-sculpt the face.

Intermediate to Advanced dollmaking skills required for this bust doll that you can make into a piece of art! She is an embellishers dream and can be as dramatic, or as simple as you like!

A Printed Doll Pattern Mailed to You.

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