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Little German Forest Folk and Their "Precious Pear" - Cloth Doll Sewing Paper Mailed Pattern by Judi Ward

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Wilhelm and Wilhelmina are their names, and they live in the Schwartzwald, in southern Germany .  About 13" – 14" tall

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"Little German Forest Folk and Their "Precious Pear""  Cloth Doll Pattern  by Judi Ward

Wilhelm and Wilhelmina are their names, and they live in the Schwartzwald, in southern Germany .  About 13" – 14" tall

There is a little story behind the design of these little forest creatures….In about 2004, I was at a doll show and saw little critters like these on a table. The "owner" said they were from Germany and she did not know who made them, but thought they might be Hedge Hogs, and perhaps made by Steiff.

I just fell in love with them, and coveted them badly; but could not afford them. My brain "took a picture" and I went home and looked for all of the information I could find about Steiff dolls and toys. I did not find anything from Steiff that looked anything like the little creatures, in fact in all of my searches about felt dolls and toys of any kind, I came up blank as far as some old look-alikes…so I designed and made my own version, secure in the knowledge that they weren't a currently copyrighted item.

My version could be Hedge Hogs, with the correct hair, and a black nose, but I made mine with colorful hair and dressed them in pure cotton, silk and wool felt. The ones at the show were made from felt and dressed simply in pants, shirt, and a dress of felt. They had some moth holes, and the little pear was badly discolored. I did not get to handle them, so haven't a clue as to their body design. I am sure mine are not like the originals, but they satisfied my desire to have the little critters anyway!

The body design is unique for these little critters, and quite versatile too. They can be sitters or standers...And if you "spring for" hard sole hiking boots, from a doll supply store they stand alone.

They are much easier to make from craft velour or "old" Doesuede, rather than wool/rayon felt. (NOTE… the new Doesuede is a bit thick and stiff) Use the Fuzzy side for the right side to retain the "look" of felt.

Have fun!

Pattern Printed in Color!  Pattern includes a color front cover and over 25 color photos within the directions!
Paper Mailed Pattern.
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