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Grandma's Big Chair and/or Dolls - Cloth Doll and Sewing Paper Mailed Patterns by Judi Ward

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Paper Pattern
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The Toddler and Baby Pattern 

The Little Toddler is about 10" tall. The Tiny Baby is about 5" tall.  The Little Toddler is jointed at hips and shoulders, and is dressed in unisex, "sweats" and lace up shoes.  The Tiny Baby is shaped with an adorable sculpted body, with dimples and creases. A simple diaper set and blanket dresses him/her.  Both are in one pattern, and both are adorable!

Optional Grandma's Big Chair Pattern
A wonderful overstuffed chair with a seat height of about 5 1/2 " and a back height of about 12"  This size fits lots of other dolls too!  GRANDMA'S BIG CHAIR is all cloth: no cardboard, plastic or wood needed. This chair is so much fun! And easy too.
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