Moody Boobs ~ E-Class

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Original Design by Kate Erbach!

Moody Boobs E-Class ~ E-Class

Moody Boobs is a 24” hanging wall doll with bead “painted” face and 3 sets of snap-on/snap-off interchangeable boobs.

Moody Boobs was created as my homage to women who have survived breast cancer. I was always disturbed by the fact that so many women have succumbed to the view of society that their chests were what defined them as people. I began to think on this and thought that breasts should be treated as an accessory. The ultimate accessory! Changeable boobs to suit one's taste or event. And so Moody Boobs was born. A fancy gal with her own Booby Bag for carrying her Ultimate Accessories..

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Formatted for 8.5 by 11" paper (letter size)


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