Carl Lawrence - Cloth Doll Sewing Pattern by Judi Ward

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Carl (about 22" tall) is the perfect "boyfriend" for Cindy. Just a little awkward, shy and wholesome. He looks like he just stepped out of Happy Days!
He wears "real" blue jeans, a button front shirt, purchased doll tennies, Jockey shorts, and a ball cap. (Note: The blue jeans are pull-up style, but you can't tell that they don't zip and button!)
Invisibly jointed at the shoulders, hips and neck. Carl uses my new tab head neck jointing method that is so fast and easy. NO Hardware Needed! Carl has great Boy hands and a Boy shape, and can stand alone with his hard soled shoes.
Just look at that pose, thumbs hooked into his belt loops!
Pictured with Cindy - Available as a separate pattern.