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Babyland Rag - Cloth Rag Doll Sewing Paper Mailed Pattern by Judi Ward

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Paper Pattern


A REPRODUCTION of Horsman's, Babyland Rag doll from about 1904. 

Babyland Rag dolls were produced in sizes from 12" to 30". Prior to 1907 they were made with hand painted faces…After 1907 they were made with both lithographed and hand painted faces. In 1912 they stopped making the hand painted face dolls. This doll is about 14" tall and depicts the hand painted face versions. Her clothes are designed as near as I could tell, from an old Babyland Rag catalog picture, which is in "Cloth Dolls from Ancient to Modern" by Linda Edward. The Babyland Rag pattern is very true to the real dolls construction and has an interesting head/face application, used by a number of "vintage" cloth dollmakers in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

It is a fun, easy technique that can be done successfully by beginners and advanced dollmakers alike, to produce a truly vintage look cloth doll. The pattern includes 29 pages of instructions, patterns and 2 full sized color faces. Instructions include over 90 step by step color photos.

Pattern Booklet Printed in Full Color!

Quality printed Cloth Doll Pattern which we will mailed to you. 

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