Gloria J. "Mimi" Winer

Gloria J. "Mimi" Winer

Arley Berryhill Cloth Doll Artist
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Mimi Dolls - Gloria J. "Mimi" Winers

Mimi, A Gifted Doll Designer, passed in 2017 after a five year battle with cancer.
Mimi's husband is continuing her legacy by keeping her Patterns and DVDs available to the doll community.

- Patterns Labeled badge-paper.jpg are Paper Patterns, Printed and Mailed

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*** All Mimi's Patterns are Available in Both Paper and PDF Format.

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    Victoria Rose, Cloth Doll Sewing Pattern(PDF Download) by Gloria J. Winer - Mimi

    Victoria Rose, Cloth Doll Sewing Pattern (PDF Download) by Gloria J. Winer - Mimi

    Mimi Dolls

    Victoria Rose, designed by GLORIA 'MIMI' WINER is an easy-to-make, armatured, 16-inch, free-standing cloth doll. She has a young, full-figured, anatomically-proportioned body with a late 19th Century silhouette.You have a choice of three faces:a very...